Tower Ladder 82

Tower Ladder 82 is a 1998 95' Seagrave /Aerialscope. It features a stainless steel cab with seating for six firefighters, a stainless steel body, and is powered by a Series 60 Detroit Diesel motor. It is capable of flowing 1,000 GPM of water from the bucket through a smooth bore nozzle. Along with the standard truck company complement of hooks, and forcible entry tools, the Tower carries the following ladders, 35’, 24', 2 - 16' roof, a 14' combination, and a 10' attic ladder. It also carries two 24" PPV Fans, a 16" electric PPV fan, two 12” Circular Saws, an Echo Quick Vent Saw, and two 16" Chain saws.

A 15KW AMPS generator provides power for the four  3000W body mounted lights, four 500W portable lights, and two 200’ electric cord reels. A Hurst hydraulic pump, 100' hydraulic reel, Paladin Combination Tool and 0-150 Cutter are carried along with rope rescue equipment, and Stokes basket. Tower Ladder 82 runs mutual aid to several surrounding communities on 1st and 2nd alarm assignments, as well as the FAST (Firefighter Assist and Search Team) Truck to a large part of Deptford Township.