Knox Box

Business Owner,

In 2008, the Township Fire Marshal's, made amendments to the current local Fire Safety Ordinance NO. 0-85-48, adding a section that outlines the Knox Box "Rapid Entry System" for businesses located within the Township.  This ordinance states, "that any businesses, that are equipped with a fire detection or suppression system, and businesses deemed by the Fire Marshal hard to access during an emergency", shall have a Knox Box installed on the premises.

Since its adoption, the Township as a whole, has made great strides in making our Knox Box program a success.  Approximately 80% of all businesses, have successfully installed the Knox Box on their business.

In the past, our District, handed out paper applications for the business to fill out and order the appropriate box for that property.  As of January 2015, our Knox Box ordering has gone paperless, and can now be done online.  When ordering any Knox Box "Rapid Entry System" product online, you must go to  This new feature allows us to keep accountability of the boxes that are being ordered in our District.  Once an order has been placed, it will need to be approved by our office via e-mail, which is automatically done by Knox Box.  Our office feels, this will benefit you as a business owner in our District, and make this new security feature purchase easier.  If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Fire Inspector Nicholas Giambri at (856) 939-2090 ext. 119, or e-mail at

Please follow these steps, when ordering your Knox Box:

Once you are on the homepage of there is a tab for products/place order.  Click on that icon, and the next window that will be provided, is an area to search for our department.  In the zip code box, please enter 08012.  Scroll down the list of Fire Departments, until Chews Landing FD/Gloucester Twp. #2 appears, and click on the link.  Once the new window appears, you can follow the directions from there.  When placing the order, we require that the box is a 3200 Series.  The color and type of door does not matter.