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Chews Landing Fire Dept. Vehicle Extrication Training

As part of our continuing effort to provide the best possible service in an emergency, the Chews Landing Fire Dept. regularly conducts drills and training for our members.  One of the most common situations we respond to are Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA’s).  These can range from very minor, requiring little more than containing small amounts of leaked fluids or securing power to make things safer for EMS and tow truck crews, to extremely serious, in which case complex vehicle stabilization and patient extrication may take place.  As vehicles are continuously updated, methods and techniques are ever changing.  Recently, members spent the evening reviewing intermediate and advanced techniques we may find ourselves using.  Stabilization was practiced using cribbing and struts, while hydraulic tools were used to refresh door pops, roof cuts, and dash rolls to safely access and extricate trapped occupants.

Do you find what we do interesting or exciting?  We are always looking for new members aged 16 or over to join us.  Stop by  Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm, or any Monday night from 7-9pm for more information.  Be sure to check out our Recruitment Page, or you can print and fill out an application HERE.